Friday, January 25, 2013

Standing in an arena of Sitters

I have read more on the internet in the last few days than I normally do in a week. And I am just appaulled at our "Christian-ized" society. What happened to taking a stand? What happened to being different? Can someone please explain it to me, because for the life of me, I cannot understand how we are all starting to run together. Am I different than the person I am in line with at the DMV, the person in front of me at the grocery store, or my own Dr? Has God changed my life or not? Because if not, then I should carry on as one of them. I should, think, act, look, and speak like them. But, if God did save me, if He did pull me up from the miry clay, than shouldn't there be a difference? Or do I carry on as I always have- just  now labeling my life "Christian". Not doing anything about it. Not telling anyone or changing the way I live.
Who are you? Have you been bought with a price? Is your life your own? Is God even involved? It is so disgusting to me when I meet someone who says, "Oh yea, I am a Christian...", yet He holds no part of their life. He is not directing their steps. He is not allowed to fully bless them because they have control. It has never been surrendered. What happened to trusting God with our decisions? And letting Him change us from the inside out? Where are the few who hold up everything they watch, listen to, and wear and say, "My Heavenly Father, are you pleased with this?" And if he says, "NO", they rid themselves of it.
Where are they? The separated few. Who will stand through ridicule, hate, and persecution...even from their own brethren. Are we to be so "tolerant" of lifestyles and sin that we live no differently?
We are committing to stand in 2013 as a family. We are not sure where that may take us, but we know that the Lord will be leading our steps. We are trusting Him to do His perfect work in us until the day of His appearing. Will you stand? Will you stand against criticism, against sin, and against mediocrity? I pray that the people out there who know they have been saved to the uttermost and have been miraculously cleansed from their sin will start to stand. I pray they will start to stick out in this sea of "Christian-ized" society. I pray we will not just have a form of Godliness, but that we will try for Godliness with power. There are Biblical principles that cannot be ignored by us anymore. Please join me in praying for fellow believers to start taking a true stand for Christ.

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